About Us

Tarampa Lodge, originally known as Tarampa After Care Centre, was established in 1978 by the Rothwell family. From humble beginnings in regional Victoria, Dorothy Rothwell saw a need for more accommodation options for the homeless community. She generously opened her home to those in need. Soon after, Dorothy learned there was a lack of shelter and services in Queensland. Along with her family and house guests, she made the journey up north.

In the small township of Tarampa, the centre’s rustic farmhouse and expansive grounds was the peaceful retreat they were looking for. Dorothy joined forces with Dr Ron James, a GP from the local township of Lowood, who had a keen interest in helping the homeless community. Together, they expanded Tarampa’s capacity to welcome more and more people into their community.

In 1982, the second generation of Rothwells, Colin and Julie, took over from Dorothy. With three young children and a dog in tow, they worked tirelessly to renovate the property and provide more rooms. Their capacity expanded to welcome 50 customers at a time. By 2010, they had employed 11 local staff.

Colin and Julie lived alongside their customers on site until 2003, when changes in the fire act and room sizes required them to move elsewhere. They set up a home nearby where they remain today.

Colin, Julie and their daughter Tanya then embarked on the challenging task of participating in the pilot program for Residential Services accreditation. They rolled with the changes and oversaw tremendous growth before handing over the facility to the third generation of Rothwells in 2005 — Tony, Tanya (nee Rothwell) and their three children (The Sherlock Family).

In 2017, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was introduced to the Lockyer Valley, bringing about significant changes in the services and operations at Tarampa. This new phase saw a need for more staff and by 2019, Tarampa became the largest employer in the area with a total of 49 staff.

Tarampa Assist was also launched and our capacity for empowering the community has gone from strength to strength.

Our Vision

Connect Community, Empower People, Work Sustainably, Enjoy Your Life.

Our Mission

To provide quality support services for individuals striving to reach their goals.

Our Values

Respect, Quality, Choice, Growth, and Compassion.