Activities Equipment

Complimentary equipment for activities at the Games Pavilion is available at the main office. We also offer a variety of fun board games and cards.


Shoot some hoops or enjoy a friendly game of basketball.

BBQ Area

We love to host barbeques on a regular basis. Visiting families may also use the BBQ area upon request.

Bedroom Features

All bedrooms feature ceiling fans. Each bedroom also has a TV point. Customers are welcome to source their own TV and any other entertainment options they like

Community Garden

Green thumbs can use the community vegetable garden to grow small crops such as lettuce, tomatoes and herbs.

Daily Newspaper Delivery

Daily newspaper delivery can be arranged at request. Payment for the papers will be the responsibility of the customer.

Dining Hall

The dining hall, where catering staff organise delicious evening meals and host celebration lunches and dinners.

Games Pavilion

Challenge your friends to a game of darts or relax around the pool table at the Games Pavilion. This is also the emergency assembly area.


Kitchen facilities are available in many of our rooms. Boiling water and a sink are provided in the main dining area.

Landscaped Grounds

Our covered, landscaped grounds are perfect for enjoying the beautiful outdoor weather over lunch or a friendly chat.


The in-house library features a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books.

Lounge Rooms

Two air-conditioned communal lounge areas are provided for your comfort. Enjoy cinema style entertainment on the big TV in the Watkins Lounge or relax and socialise in the Rothwell Lounge.

Mail Service

All mail goes to our PO Box and is distributed to customers each morning. We can also arrange outgoing mail and offer stamps for purchase.

Saltwater Pool

The in-ground saltwater swimming pool is five feet deep with a flat bottom and grab rails. The shade covering provides some shelter from the sun. A walk-in grab rail is fitted so you can enter and exit with ease.

Shopping Trips

Our weekly shuttle bus travels to Gatton or Lowood. You can easily access banks, supermarkets, the post office and other shops.

Tennis Court

The tennis court features synthetic grass and two golf putting holes, available for all customers and their families. There is also a basketball hoop and tennis hitting wall at one end of the court.